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There are so many supplements out there, but how many of us actually know which ones we should be taking? Even with this huge demand for knowledge there really aren't that many companies that have on demand services that can help educate consumers on what vitamins they should be taking. Sure there are assessments and infographs, but what about actually talking to an actually dietitian! vitafive provides free consultation from it's on staff dietitian when you go to!

Ok, so there are like a billion vitamin companies out there, but out of the 7 billion people on this earth how many of us actually know what vitamins we should be taking? Not too many....

That's why at vitafive we provide consultation from our Registered Dietitian (Chief Nutritional Officer). If you go to there is a chat box provided in the bottom left of the page. During business hours (8-5) you can reach out to our RD & CNO for any questions you might have. If she is not available at that very moment, customer service will record any customer request and our CNO will respond within 24 hours. 

"I'm super excited to be able to help out everyone that visits the site! It can be hard to know what vitamins you need to take, and it is awesome that I am given the chance to help solve that problem."

Stacie Ellis, Chief Nutritional Officer, RDN, LD

If we are offering this service then who is our CNO? 

Stacie Ellis is our Registered Dietitian and she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in Nutrition.  She has experience in research, education, clinical nutrition, weight management, and sports nutrition.  Stacie's main goal is to help others reach their health goals so giving these consultations to confused customers is something that she is excited about. 

On top of the consultation, you are able to create custom vitamin packs designed specifically for you! So not only are you educated on which vitamins you should be taking, but you can actually get all of those vitamins placed into a daily pack with your name on the back and sent directly to you! 

vitafive provides custom gummy vitamin packs directly to you on a 4-week subscription. No more going to the store, organizing vitamins, swallowing pills, and now because of our RD consultations you can get all of that convenience and customization while feeling confident that the vitamins that you are taking are actually the ones you need to be taking! 

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